Fertility in Creativity

     My paintbrush flew over the canvas, pausing here and there to add a dab of aromatic oil paint. I created the universe in my mind with all it’s swirling potential, and poured it out onto the blank space before me. My long wavy brown hair was tinged on the ends with purple and aquamarine paints from my creation.
     I was a teenager in love with my ideas, my creations, and my active life. This was the first year when I remembered feeling whole and wholly fertile. This was the year, at sixteen, when I finally got my cycles after four years of watching all my freinds come of age around me.
     I didn’t know it then, but I was born with hormonal imballances passed on from my mom and her mom. When Ms. Flo did come at the end of my sixteenth year, the flow was heavy and three weeks out of the month. I joked with my friend Lakenya that I was blessed with a “reverse cycle” that came for three weeks and left me for only one.
     These were some of my early struggles with these hormone imbalances, and they wouldn’t be my last.

Forty and Fertile after Twenty years of PCOS